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  B.A.   B.Min.   M.A.


Chris and his wife, Sharon, have worked in ministry and missions for many years. Chris specializes in helping ministries plan for long term exponential growth His creative strategies are discussed on this site and will also be released in book format. Chris is dedicated to identifying the challenges of the culture, anticipating future trends, and designing programs that meet the deepest needs of people. Chris is looking for other brave Christians dedicated to help the church become better than at any other time in history.

Chris' life was greatly impacted by Jesus Christ, and he sincerely wants future generations to have access to the Christian life through a vibrant accessible church. Chris credits his faith with helping him to overcome the challenges of Multiple Sclerosis. Chris and Sharon currently live in Dallas, Texas with their three children and two dogs. They are confident that the current challenges faced by Christianity will lead to a new exciting era where the church will see its best days.

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