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Why Start an Evangelism Ministry?

Is evangelism easy? Yes. So is dieting. The concept is very easy in theory. However, a lot of things have changed in recent decades that makes evangelism tricky if you want to get results. At Christian Revival, we have put together some creative solutions. In addition, we try to ask some honest questions along with feedback we get from others in the church and outside. Some changes are just tactical while some are a complete shift in thinking. For example, some of the most effective types of evangelism today would not even be classified as evangelism a short while ago. However, these new strategies may be the most effective of all. One example is friendship evangelism. If the church can provide relationship in the coming decades, it could capitalize in a huge way in terms of church growth. With major paradigm shifts like these in place, starting a ministry focused

specifically on studying, teaching, and training in this arena is critical. We are excited to be helping the team!

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