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The Upcoming Revival

Let's talk about the upcoming revival in the Christian church!

This will be an introduction to a 10-part series on what I feel is an imminent, fast approaching revival in the Christian church! I believe a revival is coming that may be biggest in history! I believe it will be powerful. It is going to affect a lot of people. It will be the first revival of the global era. But I think that this next big revival is going to be different from many revivals before....

The next revival could also be unique in that it may include multiple branches of Christianity at the same time! It could very likely affect the Evangelical church, the Protestant church, the Catholic church, and the Orthodox church at the same time.

You might be asking, “ Why are you so optimistic? Times look tough.” I agree we are all in a difficult season because everybody is still in shock from the changes of the new millennium. Throughout history, times of rapid change create a period of total confusion. This has happened before, but the pain always passes! The confusion we are experiencing now is temporary. When this uncomfortable transition ends, the church is going to realize amazing opportunities. We will see that we have unprecedented technology, connectedness, and communication.

Not long ago my daughter toured a new state-of-the-art hydroponic farm. The amazing thing about the hydroponic farm is how technology had transformed the process. They were able to control multiple variables through technology that used to make farming very difficult. Traditional farming had many challenges that were not easy to manage. Farmers battled drought, floods, predators, and pests. Times have changed for these new farmers. The hydroponic farmers were able to produce lush healthy produce. They were protected from traditional pests and predators. The amount of light and water was controlled. Farming is becoming redefined in many ways. This farming was completely different from any other time in history! Based on these concepts, I saw an illustration recently for a project in Saudi Arabia that will create a new city in the dessert with hundreds of acres of completely protected hydroponic green belt.

The church is finding itself in a similar amazing situation! Once the dust of the new millennium settles, the church will more clearly see the unbelievable opportunities available to us through technology and communication! As we walk with God, Christians are going to plant, nurture, and grow churches that are healthier and will grow predictably more than any other time in history.

We have the ability to reach people, care for them, build social networks, and work together globally in a way that has never been possible before. God is saying, "Okay church. This is the 21st century. I have hurting children all over the earth. Go help them!"

There are 10 topics that we are going to talk about in this series with regard to the upcoming revival that I believe will take place in the near future:

1. Why the next big revival will likely be a “Strategic” Revival! I believe this will be a strategic revival which is a particular type of revival. Would you like to know what a strategic revival is?

2. Why a strategic revival could happen very soon! Is the culture ready? Yes. Is the church capable? Yes. There are also some glaring weaknesses among opponents of the church which have surfaced in recent years.

3. Why a strategic revival is needed now. There are some key reasons why a strategic revival is not only possible, but desperately needed. We need to help make this happen!

4. Three factors that prevent strategic revivals. A strategic revival will not happen without our efforts. There are three enemies of a strategic revival.

5. The one key process in a strategic revival. Strategic revivals involve one vital process. The church needs to embrace this in order to succeed.

6. How to successfully implement a strategic revival. Society has become more complex, and we must adapt. The good news is that complex is much better than impossible.

7. The importance of discussing strategic revival. Talk is not cheap. Everything begins with dialogue. We need to start talking about problems and solutions.

8. The main skill church leaders need in a strategic revival. We need leaders who know how to make the revival happen.

9. The vital quality our educational leaders will need for a strategic revival. Our educational leaders need to create new systems that can produce a new type leader.

10. How you can join the upcoming strategic revival. How can you make a difference! You are a critical part of the solution!

God’s Spirit is like Miracle Grow. God can create a supernatural revival in an instant. However, there are other times in history where He just asks us to do what we know has to be done! We can always improve ourselves and operate more efficiently. The church has recently expressed a "deer in the headlights" disbelief of what has happened in society. The good news is that the headlights are passing by and fading. We know what we are facing now. We have been writing and talking about the cultural transformation for decades. The dust is settling and the opportunities are becoming visible! Now is the time to take action!

Society is filled with lonely, desperate people who are completely open to the gospel if we can reach them in a relevant way. The good news is that so many of the solutions on how to do this task are easy to access!

The American Evangelical church could experience another Great Awakening! The Catholic church could double in a decade if it set it’s mind to do so! The Orthodox church could do the same thing! There is a population asking for a confident, loving church to reach out. It is time for us to answer the call!

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